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Transparency Report

In accordance with the Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (“IT Rules”), TakaTak is publishing this monthly transparency report for April 2022 to ensure transparency for our users. In this report, we will be sharing information about the legal requests received from law enforcement authorities, the number of user complaints received, removal/takedown and ban actions that have been done basis violations of our community guidelines.

1. Law Enforcement Requests

This report includes the number of legal notices received for TakaTak from law enforcement authorities and investigating agencies. Basis the requests, an action is taken in the form of content/account take down in case there is a violation of our community guidelines and/or user data is shared with the law enforcement authorities, provided that the correct and complete details of such user accounts are sent to us.

Law enforcement requests receivedRequests where user data was providedRequests wherein takedown/ban action was taken basis violation of community guidelines

April 2022

2. User Complaints Received

This report includes the total number of user complaints received by TakaTak via the email grievance redressal mechanism and the in-app reporting flow.

Total number of user complaints received

April 2022

3. Removal Actions (Takedown)

We take proactive removal actions basis violations of our Community Guidelines,Terms of Use and other policy standards. All existing policies for TakaTak can be accessed at: Our users also have the option to report user profiles as well as individual content for violation of our policy standards.
In the month of April, we disabled 2455 infringing links from the platform on account of copyright violations.

Content disabled basis violation of community guidelines

Categories for content takedown basis violation of community guidelines

Sexual content (66.26%)
Harmful dangerous acts (19.8%)
Hateful or abusive content (6.31%)
Violent content (4.54%)
Copyright Risk (2.47%)
Spam or misleading (0.16%)
Child abuse (0.29%)
Promotes terrorism (0.16%)

April 2022

4. Removal Actions (Ban)

Depending on the severity of the violation, we block user accounts in case they do not comply with our community standards. In the month of April, we permanently terminated 1971 user accounts from TakaTak.